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Board of Trustees

Frank Cordova Foundation

Gregorio Cordova

Frank A Cordova III

Flor Flores

Dahlia Cordova

Felicia Bevan

Anthony Cordova

Diego Cordova

Nate Salazar

Kathy Romero

Dale C. Salazar

Maria Cordova

Michael E. Romero


About FCF

Frank Cordova's Legacy

In 1999, Frank Cordova went to pick up his wife from the school where she worked right before the Thanksgiving break. While picking her up, Frank met a little boy.  Frank asked him if he was excited to eat some turkey during Thanksgiving.  The boy told Frank that his family couldn’t afford a turkey.  Frank was so moved, that he provided the turkey for that family in 1999. From there, Frank began the annual Latino Community Turkey Drive, seeking to provide low-income families with free turkeys over the Thanksgiving holiday.

Every year, the Latino Community Turkey Drive has purchased and gathered turkeys and distributed them through selected Title I schools. This year, we're setting a goal of 2,000 turkeys.


It's a tall order, but with the community's help, we're up to the challenge.



Elias Ayala

Sharon Chavez

Ernie Gamonal

Contact FCF

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